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Application Services

The world of business is moving at a great speed; things are changing at a pace unheard of. Technology is the harbinger of change and mobile applications have been the much-required bridge between the customer and the company. Mobile applications ramp up the level of customer delivery and service to a different level altogether.

At Vedanj, we specialize in building applications to help businesses connect and serve their customers in the manner envisioned. The applications we build take into consideration latest developments in language platforms leading to creation of what we call an up-to-date mobile application. Our number one objective is to help our clients create a greater customer experience via our applications.

Our team is a mix of enthusiastic and experienced professionals who bring in a great mix of energy and innovation that translates into top notch work. The job-at-hand is based on ownership and accountability; every developer not only owns the task but looks forward to add further value.


Data & Analytics

What is the world of business without data? Businesses would be direction less without data and its utilization. Data is the new ‘Oil’ is almost a cliched phrase now, but not for us at Vedanj. We adore and revere data for it helps unearth several insights and perspectives unheard of before. Our passion towards data and analysis is what reaffirms the faith of our clients when it comes availing of our data & analytics services.

Big data or data analytics is changing the game for businesses across sectors from manufacturing to farming, pharmaceuticals, retail, finance, technology and services in general. When it comes to data and analytics, there is limit to what a business can unearth and it is here that Vedanj comes into the picture – we collect, mine, segregate and analyse data such that there is an output of relevant and essential insights.

Our team of data professionals comprises of people who are not only apt at building tools but come with an analytical bent of mind. We bring this advantage to our clients who are in need of a robust analytical perspective as regards their business.


TeleMedicine Support

It has been an interesting year this one; a tough one yet it has helped shape things for the better. The Pandemic has re-set many things as regards life and business, and nothing was as much required and as much important than the need for proper and on time Healthcare under the present circumstances.

New trends have begun to take shape in the areas of healthcare services, pharmaceuticals and drug trials as the Pandemic has shown us. The Telemedicine support team at Vedanj has been more than active during the last six months due to the increasing number of queries and support requirements that flowed to us from across the globe. We have always believed in an innovative approach to our services we deliver and the last six months has been an experience in itself.

At Vedanj, we provide telemedicine support in the areas of – Yoga, Physical Fitness, Depression, ABC, DEF, MNO etc. Our teams of X (number here) comprises of experts from various fields who come with a combined experience of Y years.

Our telemedicine support is founded on the basis of helping and being there for individuals who require the support during their tough times. We also assist our clientele in enhancing their lives for the better. Be it Yoga for helping the mind and body get into better shape or counselling to help individuals move through times of depression, experts at Vedanj play a vital role in enhancing the lives of our clients.


Financial Consulting

Every business needs to track its finances, be it revenues generated or expenses spent. At Vedanj, our team of financial experts dwell deep into the workings of our client companies to come out with deep insights. Financial insights by our experts provide the much-required view into the workings of the company for our clients which is needed to better understand the overall operations and direction.

We provide various service under financial consulting beginning from accounting and bookkeeping to managing financial transactions to financial modelling and analysis. Different clients at different stages of business have different needs, this is where the expertise of our financial team comes into play. Our core team of experts come with an experience of 50+ years in the areas of finance and analysis that adds depth to our services.

We have established ourselves as a key player in the financial enhancement and reformation of our client growth owing to our years of experience and team of experts. Our clients depend on us to help them tread the path of financial sanity and acumen – something that keeps our clients very loyal to our services.