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We are a group of like-minded individuals with different backgrounds and experiences but a common underlying current – customer first. Vedanj came into existence by virtue of a collective thought to ensure a solid and hassle-free services support for our customers which eventually bore fruit through an amalgamation of services that range from financial support services to IT applications to telemedicine care.



The world of business is moving at a great speed; things are changing at a pace unheard of. Technology is the harbinger of change and mobile applications have been the much-required ...


It has been an interesting year this one; a tough one yet it has helped shape things for the better. The Pandemic has re-set many things as regards life and business, and nothing was as...


Every business needs to track its finances, be it revenues generated or expenses spent. At Vedanj, our team of financial experts dwell deep into the workings of our client companies to ...


What is the world of business without data? Businesses would be direction less without data and its utilization. Data is the new ‘Oil’ is almost a cliched phrase now, but not for us at Vedanj.

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